Enhance Customer relationship through Hylobiz Dashboards & Reports

Elevating Customer Relationships: Hylobiz Dashboards for Performance & Sales Analysis

In today’s world, enabled by fierce competition in every industry, managing finances and thriving to thrive above all becomes significant. Businesses, small or large, seek financial assistance, hoping to spend less and save more.

The forever-changing market, which business needs may expand or contract momentarily, has to be robust, effective, and adaptable for the customers! Hylobiz, with its user-friendly platform, provides the solution to this problem precisely and helps businesses get an edge over the market requirements while securing their profit as a business.

Hylobiz has been helping small and large businesses alike in Indonesia, implementing the use of technology to support businesses in reaching their potential.

Understanding the Business Landscape in Indonesia

Getting a grasp of the business scene in Indonesia is vital. With its rich cultural tapestry, thriving economy, and massive population of over 270 million, Indonesia beckons with potential, but also complexity.

Navigating this diverse and dynamic market requires a partner that understands the intricacies. Hylobiz, with its innovative solutions, empowers businesses to streamline financial transactions, offering a secure and efficient payment process.

Our expertise bridges the gap between your business goals and Indonesia’s burgeoning opportunities, ensuring a successful journey in this vibrant landscape.

Optimize your business cashflow with Hylobiz

Hylobiz’s Role in Supporting Small Businesses

  1. Tracking finances – With Hylobiz, tracking finances and relying on them is no longer an issue! The Hylobiz platform offer dashboard presenting real-time insights into any connected business and its comprehensive reports, providing the required tracking database. Businesses in Indonesia can benefit from this feature, get past financial issues, and make better decisions with legitimate and updated information.
  2. Connected ERPBusinesses often deal with issues related to timely invoice and payment collection, leading to inconsistencies. Hylobiz has an ERP partner named Accurate ERP, helping businesses streamline their payment collection process. This platform automates invoice collection procedures and minimises late payment risks for many.
  3. Setting up automated reminders – With Hylobiz, businesses can send automated payment reminders to their customers and remind them about the payment. Taking manual follow-ups from clients and customers is time-consuming, crucial, and hectic. This feature by Hylobiz acts as a solution, making your cash flow smooth.
  4. Payment Links and Digital Invoices – A business can share required payment links with customers over platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, and email to nudge them for payment. Moreover, Hylobiz provides an option for businesses to share auto-sync invoices from ERP with the customers and facilitate faster payment collection.

Hylobiz Dashboards for Performance Analysis

Hylobiz offers an intuitive dashboard that offers real-time reports and allows businesses to track insights, generate database reports, and perform payment and cash flow-related tasks.

If firms are looking for ways to reconcile their business and make it online, the Hylobiz dashboard proves to be the ideal step for them.

Sales Analysis with Hylobiz Dashboards
  1. Tracking Sales Performance – Businesses can track their sales performance rates and metrics with Hylobiz’s dashboard. This platform has become the go-to sales and tracking medium for many businesses as it can inform them about total sales, growth and expansion, allowing small and large businesses to calculate their performance with accuracy.
  2. Managing customer relationships – Satisfying your customers and fulfilling all their needs is an effective way to grow. With Hylobiz, one can look into customer insights, sales, payment collections, and all other required details. This feature ensures the user’s relationship with the defined business is maintained effectively.
  3. Insights to Inventory Management – As a business, one of the most significant advantages of taking fintech assistance from Hylobiz is getting real-time insights into the inventory and stock, letting businesses optimise their products with the changing trends. This feature is the perfect example of the advantage sales and analysis can provide to a business.
Improving Customer Relationships with Hylobiz
  1. Quick onboarding – Hylobiz offers an interactive platform for customers to work with. You can achieve quick onboarding without hassle and work with the user-friendly and easygoing dashboard to track financial insights and progress.
  2. Improved decision-making – Through the dashboard offered by Hylobiz, real-time data tracking and insight monitoring become easy. This feature allows businesses to make informed decisions and address customer’s needs without delays. Businesses can understand customer’s situations, choices, and preferences with the dashboard and work towards meeting their specific requirements.
  3. Better communication – The automated reminder feature allows businesses to remind customers about their payment dues, upcoming services, etc. This feature fosters better communication between businesses and their customers and helps users miss their payment deadlines. Moreover, this automated feature makes the customer understand the business’s commitment to providing necessary services and increases loyalty.

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