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About Hylobiz

Hylobiz is a part of the Vayana Network and is the ultimate fintech platform transforming B2B business operations in India, UAE, US and Indonesia! The automation platform provides a wide range of targeted services, including automation of AR/AP tracking, invoice generation, reminders, payment collections, and more to help MSMEs manage their cashflow and business essentials better. It automates your payment reminders, provides real-time visibility into the ledger status and payment history, supports auto-reconciliation into your ERP, add value to your business, and drives efficiency. You can enjoy seamless integration with top ERPs available in the market and can digitize your business value chain effortlessly.  

Top of all, B2B SMEs can improve collection efficiency without any change to their existing invoicing process/system. Connect your erp and bank account to upgrade your business with Hylobiz!

Currently, Hylobiz is helping and digitizing the value chain of businesses in India, the UAE, Indonesia and the US. We will be soon live in Oman and Africa. We are expanding to other corridors as well.

With Hylobiz, B2B SMEs can improve their collection efficiency without changing their existing invoicing process or system.  

However you can leverage the comprehensive suite of services designed for businesses of all sizes, be it small and medium enterprises, big corporates, or freelancers.

Yes, businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of Hylobiz. The bigger enterprise and corporates can integrate with the micro-services APIs extended by Hylobiz with ZERO PROCESS CHANGE. 

We ensure that the enterprise’s invoicing, collections, payables, and working capital are fully digitized with seamless integration of ERPs & bank account. 

Hylobiz can be customized to meet the business requirements of big enterprises/ corporate businesses. Hylobiz can be offered to Organizations looking for white label solutions as well.

Yes, Hylobiz’s services can be accessed by freelancers and professionals to create proforma/sales/tax invoices professionally and allows real-time tracking of invoices. 

In case solopreneurs are able to not afford ERP solutions, Hylobiz can be used as a standalone solution for generating invoices.

freelancers/professionals/solopreneurs can improve collection with payment reminders, receive bulk payments with a pre-integrated payment gateway, and improve your customer experience with us.

Yes, the platform is available in Bahasa language. You will be able to access the portal in English if you are looking for it.

We understand your business needs and thus we allow you to add as many sub-users as you want to add at no extra cost.  

Our product demo is here:

Quick settlement and real time reconciliation

To prevent criminal activities and cyber frauds. The business name mapping with the banking details are required for the businesses to ensure the correct and timely settlement of payment collections. 

Registration/Open a New Account

Register on Hylobiz web portal with your mobile number and registered business name and you can login with an OTP. After successful document verification, you can explore and experience the benefits of Hylobiz platform.

Mobile number and registered business name are enough to start your journey on Hylobiz. Keep your documents handy for quick verification. 

The time required for validation by the payment gateway is 24-72 hours.

Documents required- NPWP (your tax payer identification number in English), NIB (your business identification number in English)  

Yes you can edit your business information with Business Settings option on the web portal 

Business Settings >> You can edit Business Information, bank details, KYC details, and company details. 


You can go to Business Settings >> Advanced Settings >> WhatsApp Notifications and select ‘ON’ to get WhatsApp messages. 

Every user gets free* WhatsApp and SME credits from us at the time of onboarding as a welcome bonus. 

Get in touch with our sales to get more information. 

You can go to Business Settings >
> Setup Team (to add team members).

You can provide access to the modules you want them to view, and also make changes to the existing listing.


Collection of Payments can be done in two ways:

  • Single Transaction – Fill in the form with details like Reference Number, Transaction Amount, Mobile Number, email address, Full name, Due date, upload supporting documents, add a note, and click on Initiate Collections. You can additionally click on “Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction” so that the user can click on the link and pay.
  • For Bulk Transactions – First, you can go to Business Settings -> File Formats and Configure File wherein based on the input fields like S.No from an excel can be mapped as Reference # on Hylobiz system. Perform that mapping and save it with a relatable name.

And then you can go to Receivables ->For Bulk Transactions, Select the File format you saved and upload the transaction file, make sure to enable “Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction” so that the user can click on the link and pay. 

You can initiate collections once the file is uploaded and the details are correct.

Go to Dashboard >> Jumpstart >> Collect payment >> Send a sales invoice 

Fill in the details, and click on Next.

> Save and send.

It would send an invoice to the field selected under Send to Contact with a Payment link [ if you have enabled Attach a secure Payment Link with this transaction].

You can save the invoice if you want to just create and not send.

Go to Dashboard >> Jumpstart >> Collect payment >> Send a sales invoice 

Fill in the details, and click on Next.

>> Save as Draft. The Draft invoice could be seen under the Receivables tab. 

Go to Business Settings.

>> Taxes, Discounts, and Other Charges and add the required taxes, discounts, or charges you want to add to your receivables or invoices. 

The predefined Taxes, Discount then would appear on Create Invoice screen under the Description field, you can select and add them to the invoice. 

Payables - Coming soon

Stock House

Stock house is a digital inventory management solution extended to businesses registered on the Hylobiz platform. This feature helps you keep a track of your inventories smartly. Also, notifies you when an item is running low. You can control stock piling and the inventory handling costs as well. Access the status through regular dashboards, the solution helps you to even list your items in Public and Private Modes. 

Go to the Stock House Tab on the left-hand pane of the portal and then click on Add New. You will get two tabs – For Items and For Services, depending upon the business you own select the tab, fill in the required fields and click on Create. 

The bulk upload feature is due for the upcoming release and will be available on the platform soon.

If any item in the Stock House is Public and you have created your distribution network on Hylobiz then your distributors can access your stock house to raise a Purchase Order. This helps you keep control of your prices even at a secondary sales level.

There would be a threshold configuration for the stock for auto-trigger and reminders for Purchase orders to initiate the refilling of the stock. This is yet to be live in Indonesian market.

On the Stock House screen, you can use Search filters, fill in the fields for the item/services you are looking for and click on Apply. The data based on your search if listed would appear on the screen in tabular form.

Hylobiz Ledger

Hylobiz ledger is the most popular and beneficial feature for seller-buyer transparency representing the accounting system, with all the details and list of invoices and their real-time status. With this feature, the seller and the buyer have a transparent view of the account statement for the business between them.

Also, send payment and collection requests directly from the ledger, the ledger can also be shared in a click between buyer and seller.

Select Hylobiz Ledger from the left-hand pane or Dashboard and click on Add Contact to add new contacts.

  • Add Single Contact – A new screen with three tabs would open up, asking for Contact information, Business address, and Additional Information. Fill in the details and click on Save. Your contact would be saved.

MSME businesses in India will soon be able to Add multiple Contacts. Stay tuned!

Yes, you can add contacts and link email.


Hylobiz provides businesses with automated smart reports, that help them in making informed decisions. Below are the reports >>

  1. Billing report.
  2. Reconciliation report.
  3. Sub-user report.
  4. Bulk invoice status report.
  5. Transaction history report.
  6. Reminder report.


Reports can be exported in CSV and XLS format. 

You can go to the desired report under the Reports tab and apply filters, by default it shows all the reports, and click on Export to XLS/ Export to CSV. The report can be downloaded with a single click.

Once the reports are exported, you can share the reports with your teams. Alternatively, if your team member is added to the Hylobiz system, you can provide him access to view the reports.


Popular ERPs are integrated with Hylobiz platform. 

You can search for the Hylobiz APIs on Hylobiz Application and get your ERP integrated. 

Please share your feedback on a specific ERP if you would like us to integrate it for your markets!


Brankas is our Open banking partner. Partnerships with other top financial institutions are in pipeline.

Yes, all the payments going through payment gateway incurs the transaction costs. Please get in touch with sales team for all the transaction level pricing.

Case to case it will be accessed by the IT team on the level of customization required and discussed with those individual businesses.

Please get in touch with our sales team to have the detailed white label costing.

Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss further on this.

Bank and ERP Partnerships

Hylobiz is partnered with ERPs, DMS, POS, and marketplaces relevant to SME ecosystem.

We have partnered with Brankas as our Open banking partner.

Accurate is our SME Accounting-POS Software partner.

If you have any specific requirements, please reach out to our sales team.

Hylobiz offerings

B2B SMEs can improve collection efficiency without any change to their existing invoicing process/system.  

The users on Hylobiz shall be able to

  1. see the payment status based on the methods updated on the platform.
  2. Select the type of business on the platform. These are the types of businesses which can be selected on the platform.


  3. Select the category of business he is dealing in. For Example: Advertising, Aviation, Manufacturing, Construction, etc.
  4. Select either of the two documents Taxpayer Identification Number and Business Identification number on the platform and be able to upload the required document.
  5. Select from the list of banks that have been updated on the platform.
  6. Add a customer support mobile number and e-mail address on the platform.

Hylobiz use cases

Hylobiz is a solution that strengthens your Supply Chain by >>

  • Tracking Supply Chain Health.
  • Improving Credit Coverage.
  • Driving trade Process Automation for SMEs to.
  • better manage cashflow with zero change.  

Hylobiz ensures Digitization and Credit Coverage for your SME supply chain counterparts. 

Digital invoice generation, invoice exchange, payment reminders, real-time visibility into the ledger status and payment history, auto-reconciliation and payment link based faster payment collection eases the task of finance and sales team.

Hylobiz supports its banking partners to enable them to help businesses manage their cashflows better and digitize their collections or payments via connected ERP and connected banking. Banks can 



We enable you to

  • lend out Credits safely 
  • offer connected banking services like managing/tracking transactions on the go 

80% collections of distributors/wholesalers in FMCG businesses receive payments through cash. There are chances of disputes between buyer and seller due to chances of leakage/pilferage/fraud issues.

  • Hylobiz allows you to “Enter offline collection update”. This allows the buyers to update the cash paid on Hylobiz app and the seller to acknowledge the receipt.  Bring your buyers to Hylobiz platform to get a real time visibility of the cash collected.
  • Periodic automated payment reminders enable you to nudge your customers at your set frequency.
  • Reconciliation of online bank transfers is a tedious and time consuming process. This requires daily bank statement download, tracking, chasing modern trade customer for payment advice. Automate reconciliations with Hylobiz to save time and effort! Automated Ledger sharing – reduces time for reconciliation between seller (accounts, salesmen) and buyer on the outstanding amount – thereby ensuring faster release of payment.
  • Send out payment links to your customers via SMS/WhatsApp and Email to collect payments on time.

Our platform can help MSME businesses in B2B space to grow with our invoicing, collection and working capital solutions. Also, it can reduce the workload for accountants, business owners, and sales and marketing teams. However, Hylobiz is designed by keeping in mind the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Indonesian MSMEs can use Hylobiz for- 

  • Invoice automation with ERP connect.
  • Smoother transaction with Connected bank account.
  • Faster collections with Payment links.
  • Easy follow-ups with Automated reminders.
  • Automated reconciliations and Settlements.
  • Improved Cash flow.

E Faktur and E Meterai - Coming Soon

Blogs, Case Studies

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Free Trial

Yes, you can access the free trial. Book a demo and ask for your free trial from our experts.

Close/Deactivate Account

You can submit a request on our support email to deactivate/close your account and our admin team will take it up with you for the closure.


For future requirements you can follow us on our social media channels. We post our job requirements frequently and you could be notified of the same.
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